Oleaginous microorganisms are able to convert (agricultural) side streams in microbial oils with a fatty acid composition similar to palm oil. Palm oil is a major source for fatty acids, but sustainability issues cause growing opposition towards this feedstock. We would like to support industries that are willing to switch to sustainable resources for palm oil production. Normally, palm oil is fractionated into different derivatives (palm olein, palm … Palm oil fatty acid composition in the E. guineensis cross LM2T x DA10D. Wilfarin fatty acids are derived from both Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil and are produced from the splitting of fats at high temperature and pressure. Available data suggests that 100 g of palm oil contains: 37% of monounsaturated fat, 9.3% of polyunsaturated fat, and 49.3% of saturated fat out of a total lipid of 100 … Fat Composition Analysis. WILFARIN DP-1601. Palmitic acid and oleic acid are the main fatty acids in palm oil (more than 80% of total fatty acids and almost in equal amount). Depending on customer … This study aimed to evaluate changes in the fatty acid composition, oxidative stability and contents of some functional groups of palm oil (PO) during extrusion with corn starch or potato starch under two different extrusion conditions. … The results for palm oil fatty acid proportions found in the LM2T x DA10D cross are given in Table 1 and Table S1.