14 Pastoral Leadership Styles & Personalities – Part 1. The Teacher’s high level of intelligence can unintentionally seem arrogant and condescending. The relational pastor values the emotional well-being of others over productivity. [1] This data was collected from churches of different Christian denominations across the United States from 2008 to 2018. Strengths: mentally disciplined, consistent, highly organized, carefully structured, well-rounded, dependable, typically compassionate, produces helpful resources, inspires confidence, exposes and corrects false doctrine, strengthens other ministers, and produces other ministries. Without meaning to, authoritarians occasionally harm gentler personalities without even knowing it. They’re anointed and God called, but that doesn’t mean they lose their distinctiveness. Every leader comes with its unique gifting and unique personalities. There also appears to be a statistically significant correlation between pastoral age and some leadership types. They are inclusive and exude self-confidence even when they don’t feel confident. Weaknesses: pride and ego are dangers that every single spiritual leader must navigate, but this is especially true for The Orator. 1 comment. The cause of this may perhaps be that there are two trends in leadership: the first trend is for leaders to follow the example set forth in Ephesians 4:12-16 and focuses on “equipping the saints.” The other trend aligns more with today’s culture and is more pragmatic and/or concerned with pleasing others. They make fierce friends and worthy adversaries. If they are strong in some leadership areas, other members of their leadership teams may compensate or help them grow in their weak areas. The most commonly identified styles were: team-oriented leadership (58%), relational leadership (53%), partnership leadership (49%), and people-oriented leadership (49%). Models of Pastoral Leadership 647 views . Often underneath this leadership style has a lot of committees and many long meetings as the slow-paced deliberation in execution. Their mission mindedness makes them extremely effective in completing tasks but generally, makes them lose sight of the feelings and emotions of the people around them. Created in collaboration with the Institute of Church Ministry. John is a young, energetic pastor in a prestigious church. They use time wisely and often measure success according to effectiveness and efficiency. To learn more about church health, pastoral leadership style, and many other topics, please visit NCDAmerica.org. Thomas likes to listen to his members before making any decision–no matter how large or small. …be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. He is married to Kennedi and a father to two beautiful daughters. – Everything You Need to Know. He is also a Doctoral student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to that, he served at an inner-city church in Chicago, IL for six years and taught Apologetics/Philosophy at the PGM center. Out of the 10,590 congregation profiles, 970 were Adventists. This style of the pastor is driven by orthopathy (Orthopathy is right emotional and/or affections). This is the type we find in verse 42, “Apostles” who are driven by teaching. The goal is to help leaders to create a working environment that they are able to converse to implement a system that is sustainable to work along side-by-side. They are driven by solving minor problem and task driven; most likely a competitive person. My prayer is that this list will be helpful to pastors and maybe a few saints as well. Also, a leader may have both qualities from a different style of leadership. Feeling Disconnected From Your Church? How each leadership styles work together in the important areas of ministries is vital to the success of the future set goals. and M.A., Moody Theological Seminary) is on pastoral staff at Troy First Baptist Church in Troy, MO. When the leadership styles of pastors were cross-tabulated by age, trends emerged in the goal-oriented, people-oriented, and serving styles. The Authoritarian inspires the kind of loyalty that generals have when leading troops into battle. Whether you are a church like Willow Creek, Hillsong or a denominational church; whether you prefer the style of Rick Warren or T.D. Apostolic Voices’s Most Underrated Articles, A Oneness Pentecostal – Making A Difference by Ellington Haywood Ellis, 14 Pastoral Leadership Styles & Personalities – Part 1, Church Growth (Practical and Spiritual Insights) – Part 1, 14 Pastoral Leadership Styles & Personalities – Part 2, 8 Preacher Traps – That Can Develop Over Time, 9 Types of Church Services – Apostolic Voice, The Myth of Once Saved, Always Saved - Debunking False Doctrines, 10 Signs You Might Be Guilty of Self-Idolatry, 14 Pastoral Leadership Styles & Personalities - Part 1. Entering the ark did. Like many teenagers, I was awkward with a touch of moroseness; understanding why people acted the way they acted helped me make sense of the world, and it still does (here’s a very brief online temperament test that tends to be scary accurate). Who doesn't love cookies? The People Person operates on bursts of creative and emotional energy that is compelling and contagious. Thus, we can see that goal-oriented, relational, people-oriented, and team-oriented leadership styles all lead to the most positive church growth.[2]. Most of us have a few areas we greatly enjoy, a few areas that stretch us uncomfortably, and many areas in the middle. Each congregational survey included what is called a “Pastor’s Form,” to be filled out by the senior pastor or, in the absence of a pastor, by the facilitator of the survey such as a member of the church leadership. From a ministry leadership standpoint, having a grasp of basic personality types is invaluable. They privately battle depression but most folks would never know it. When the leadership styles of pastors were cross-tabulated by age, trends emerged in the goal-oriented, people-oriented, and serving styles. Strengths: aside from their talent, The Poet Performer is smart, intensely spiritual, focused, and passionate. This is the type we find in verse 42 says, “fellowship” with the flock and cares for them. Now, it is important to recognize and be clear that one is not better than the other leadership style. We’ve all worked alongside people who are completely unaware of their flaws and overconfident about mediocrity. The motto is, “Let’s work altogether” with a harmony as a mindset. Remember as you read, you or your pastor are likely a blend of more than one of these styles, but one will outshine the others. While working alongside God in ministry can be exciting and rewarding, there are seasons when it may feel thankless or discouraging. God doesn’t want a partial commitment. If you take the time to peruse the related articles below you will find that I support apostolic ministry and believe that pastors should be vigorously supported. Every pastor wants to improve their leadership abilities. How can the information presented in these two blogs help your congregation(s) and pastors grow? Strengths: attention to detail, doctrinally sound, calming, focused, inspire spiritual confidence, produce well-rounded disciples, mentor other leaders, produce helpful resources, and hold the line against invading false doctrines. I’m a pastor’s kid and a pastor. This style of pastor is motivated by orthopraxy (Orthopraxy is correct living. We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. This style of leadership likes to get things done not today, but yesterday! In those times. When you understand personality differences you are less likely to be offended or caught off guard by common weaknesses. They have so much intrinsic talent that even if they stop depending on the Spirit, they can still manipulate a crowd’s emotions. Compassionate 2. . The theological pastor like to take their time of thinking through systems. He likes to say his mission is “all about the people.” He encourages his church members to follow suit and thus, his church is very strong in the aspect of community. Sustaining Pastoral Excellence in the Christian Reformed Church 2850 Kalamazoo Avenue SE Grand Rapids, MI 49560 A project of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. “Ordinary Radicals: A Return to Christ-Centered Discipleship” unfolds, with honest open-heart questions, how we think about the gospel in our lives. In worst case scenarios, that same inattention to detail causes them to be doctrinally imbalanced.