So much so that I've given it its own page: Ginger for Motion Sickness. But if I need something stronger, I turn to peppermint essential oil. While peppermint can ease indigestion, for those with acid … When it comes to preventing and treating motion sickness, ginger is the star of the natural remedies line-up! I often turn to peppermint tea for mild digestive issues. Pure peppermint essential oil has many uses and should … Good quality peppermint essential oil is very powerful so all they need to do is smell it. Direct Factory Peppermint Motion Sickness Patch Anti Nausea and Vomiting. 1.Name: Motion sickness patch Principle of operation:Motion sickness patch is composed with three layers, the fabric layer, … Peppermint packs a lot of punch. Peppermint can also be helpful with motion sickness. * Other ways to use essential oils for motion sickness While there are many internal benefits of essential oils for nausea caused by motion sickness… Peppermint If you're not a big fan of ginger don't despair - peppermint (Mentha piperita) can also help to prevent and ease sickness … To use peppermint essential oil for nausea, vomiting, digestion and motion … It includes Ginger oil, Fennel oil, and Coriander oil to ease stomach discomfort, including motion sickness and occasional indigestion. Due to its antispasmodic properties, peppermint oil eases an upset stomach and encourages better digestion. In cases of nausea that are due to an upset stomach, peppermint can be used as well. I don’t apply it topically for motion sickness.