Here is a tip to help you to pick the right possessive adjective in French. » « She’s the person with the green eyes and long blond straight hair ». In this blog post you’ll learn how to describe someone physically in French.Let’s start! How do you give an estimation of the height of a person in French? Now if you want to identify a person, you can ask what the person looks like. Preview. All about Hair in French: color, types of hair and length. Cette femme qui porte une robe rouge est ma chef. I am talking about the relative pronoun.You don’t have any clue? To finish with skin color, we could add the French word « bronzé » which means tanned. To describe them well physically, you need to take note of physical characteristics. Here are the verbs « présenter » and « porter ». WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS TO TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS IN FRENCH, Countries, nationalities, and languages in French, Learn colors, tones and expressions in French, All the Words you​ Need to Plan your Birthday Party. What’s the color of your eyes? Of course you’re not going to say how many kilos the person weighs but you can give an idea of the « body shape ».Later we will see the correct adjectives you can use when you want to talk about the height or the weight. These are 5 main colors (if you are looking for a fancy color for contact lenses you can have a look at other colors on this page), 1) blue >>> bleus2) green >>> verts3) black >>> noirs4) grey >>> gris5) brown >>> marron, Related post: WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS TO TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS IN FRENCH. How do you use the relative pronoun QUI in French? At this stage you want to describe someone. Every noun in Fr… There is a large array of skin tones but for the purpose of this lesson we are going to stick to 5 main tones: 1) ginger skin >>> la peau rousse2) pale or white skin >>> la peau pâle3) olive or beige skin >>> la peau olive / beige4) brown skin >>> la peau marron5) black skin >>> la peau noire. Begin the sentence with Il / Elle est.. (He / She is...) and then use the appropriate adjective. Imagine that you see somebody for the first time or people are talking about somebody. What are the useful terms for describing people? French Physical Description – La Description Physique Décrire quelqu’un, une personne, c’est dire s’il est :. Vanessa is a French teacher who lives in Cancun, Mexico where it is as hot as Réunion island where she was born. athlétique… les descriptions physiques. Do you wear glasses? What kind of hair do you have? However in French it requires more effort since you have to pick the right gender and specify if it’s singular or plural. ». S’il est GROS ou MINCE La description physique, c’est aussi parler de la couleur des yeux.. La description physique, c’est aussi parler des cheveux.. Les cheveux peuvent être LONGS. And just like in English you can use the word for questions or to connect 2 sentences to avoid repetition. To describe their personality accurately, you need to spend a little time with them and converse at least enough to gather their mood, their interests or something else about them as a person. To answer this question and introduce someone you have some alternatives like these: You will fill in the blanks with the name, the title, the position, the connection with you whether it’s a member of your family, a friend or a neighbour…. How do possessive adjectives work in French? See how important it is to be able to describe somebody? The proof is that if you say « his eyes » we know that the owner is a man and with « her eyes » we know that the owner is a woman.In French it is more complex meaning exciting! Which physical traits are you going to provide? The simple task is to put people in three categories of height and then to do some tweaking if it’s a man or a woman. It is natural to ask for the identity and the physical description to have a reference.What are the questions in French and how can you introduce and describe someone? Author: Created by mozartkugel. Here, you don’t need to measure and give centimeters or inches. With only the hair (« les cheveux ») and the eyes (« les yeux ») we can guess who you are talking about. On your skin you may have some freckles (« des taches de rousseur »), a beauty spot (« un grain de beauté ») or a scar (« une cicatrice ») after an accident. When it comes to physical description, you may start by describing yourself (if people can’t see you). Let me explain with examples. First things first, let’s see the regular verbs with the usual endings: You may use these for verbs: to introduce (présenter), to wear (porter), to measure (mesurer) and to weigh (peser). The main adjectives for physical descriptions for both genders in French. But what are they exactly? When describing someone, the verb you need depends on which characteristic you’re talking about. Basically you have two choices: you are describing a man (« un homme ») or a woman (« une femme »). Then you can describe your family (« la famille »), a friend (« un ami / une amie ») or a neighbour (« un voisin / une voisine »). We are going to choose three main elements in order to grasp a general idea.First you can describe the height (« la taille ») of a person. « Who is your sister? First things first. So when you want to describe the height or the weight of a person you can use the adjectives that we have just seen with the verb to be beforehand.