It’s seems highly ironic that Google will go through Black hat world forums looking for sites and networks to penalise but totally ignore the big fish right under their nose. Take an example of "keto foods.". There are ads four ads for everything I searched for and then the map pack and…it’s tough. It was nothing but a long blog post; I monetised it solely through Amazon affiliate links and it made £400 – £500/month. I am hoping that I will start working on a niche very soon. The obese figure constituted roughly 13% of the world population. Freelancing had helped me earn thousands of dollars and you can easily launch your paid freelancing course to make money online. I love how you put together these information on these events. Diabetes is one of the top killers in the world and there are over 336,000,000 results on Google itself. This is clear that the popularity of watches is out of the question. Always a great fun reading your posts. If you are able to maintain and build a strong fan base around this niche, you are bound to earn quite a lot of money from blogging. This will really help me to understand how actually one should find niche or keyword to work on. No, this is not crazy and it is certainly not a mistype/misread either. I read this blog often but this is one of the best articles so far. People pay big money to stay healthy and willing to try many things to achieve wellness. Finally, I do wonder if this is an industry which is only going to be worth a lot more money in the future. This is where headache niches are often considered evergreen niches. That is invaluable. Awesome insights; am pretty sure competition for these key terms will increase once this article goes viral. At the same time, the global search volume is high enough and amounts to 30K. Required fields are marked *. What I can think of is generally, males are less focused on weight loss. There’s also the great local SEO angle with ‘ship a car [city]’ type search terms. Glad you found something useful here. The demand for eco-friendly products is on an upward trend and doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon. One notable successful personal finance expert is Bola Sokunbi, the founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance, a personal finance website that provides women with financial guidance to inspire them to pursue and achieve financial independence. Do the profitable niches with low competition really exist? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market. I like your point about many people going 80% but not finishing, so what drives you to keep going the full 100%? I’ll look into a bunch of them, see if i have passion for any. Male enhancement niches have always been popular topics for niche bloggers and it will still be one of the top performing niches in 2019. Such a fun read. It shows that this niche has: If you are looking for the long term win, this is a good niche to focus on. The best niches in 2020 are always the ones with long tail keyword. We may see that this keyword has a global search volume that amounts to almost 30K. Firstly, there are many competitions in the market. Checking on Ahrefs for competition, there is a vast global search volume of baby clothes with medium keyword difficulty. Online Dating, for example, is no longer seen as a “joke” and current studies indicate that 3 in 10 U.S. adults have used a dating app or tried online dating. The original idea, shared on Reddit, was good but not something I would go for myself, which is why I’m more open to sharing it. A lot of business success depends on niche selection. Fitness overlaps with health but has its own set of profitable markets, like: You also have the routines, equipment, and coaching involved in fitness. How to avoid these situations? Feel free to follow my list!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'reginaldchan_net-medrectangle-4','ezslot_19',130,'0','0'])); 1. Here’s what worked for us If we look at 18 wheeler accident, we can see that the results aren’t dominated by top legal firms, but actually by news sources. I would like to see more so I can learn how to either do what you do or work with you in some capacity going forward. Click here to start a blog under $5 per month and get free domain name too! Thanks for confirming that. 9. Yes more like this one. Especially the party idea made me smile because I took advantage of that some years ago and wrote for a popular articel directory site called Suite101 about that topic. Will be interesting to see if they’re all gone tomorrow.