Initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and deliver our projects, Maintain communication between the team, stakeholders, and clients, Create and deliver internal and external project reports, Lead the team toward delivering our customer’s solution in time and within budget, Align general business objectives with the project’s goals, Offer project management advice to executives when needed, Manage the project’s budget and resources (including subcontractors), Participate in the development of the company’s structure, Track project deliverables and outcomes with appropriate tools, Attend industry conferences to increase the project’s exposure (twice a year), Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree is preferred), 7+ years of experience in corporate-level project management, Solid understanding of project management methods, methodologies, frameworks, terminology, and processes, Proven experience in creating project-related documents, Experience with portfolio management is highly desired, Advanced time management, decisional, and analytical skills, Highly competent in handling multiple project timelines, Knowledge of one or more project management tools, Excellent verbal and written communication skills, IT Project Manager (Technical Project Manager) Job Description, Initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and deliver our internal projects, Ensure that the project’s status is communicated to the team, stakeholders, sponsors, and clients, Align business objectives with the project’s goals, Manage the project’s budget and resource allocation, Get in touch with other departments to fix software-related issues, Choose the right team members for our next projects, Scrum Master certification is an advantage, Demonstrated success in delivering products, Outstanding grasp of IT concepts, processes, and web standards, Ability to effectively manage small to medium-sized projects, Ability to communicate and solve conflicts effectively, Creative Project Manager Job Description, Maintain partnerships and stakeholder communication, Collaborate with the IT department for technical implementation, Ensure that the team and clients are updated on the project’s status at all times, Actively participate in the design process, Manage the project’s budget and resources, Establish and align business objectives with the project’s goals, Track project performance to ensure all goals and quality standards are met, PMP® certification (or similar) is preferred, 3+ years of experience in leading design projects (former experience in UX/UI is an advantage), Adobe Creative Suite experience is a plus, An understanding of human-centered design thinking, Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously. ... South African Job Market Falling Behind. Only someone with proper education and experience in a certain industry can be prepared to face its problems. Home > Camel Blog > Project Management Recruitment > Tackling Project Management Job Titles. This is a generic title for someone in an entry level position working in … To prepare for a career in project management there are many. (One of the members of his project team of 200+ people was Dr. Ben Carson, currently running for US President). Here are just a few from Arras People’s recruitment database to highlight what I mean: When someone is looking for a new position, these titles can often make it difficult to really convey what they actually do and my recommendation has always been to add an industry recognised job title alongside the actual job title you had. Meaning that a lawyer, even though he/she is not considered to be a “project manager” is in fact using project management as the basis for their law practice?