Click here to view the show notes for this episode. See quilts. By the time mid-April rolled around, 5 guild members had died, as well as two spouses of guild members. Click here to view the show notes for this episode. Of course, we talk about how her town Hamilton, Missouri, became a quilting destination, but we also talk about how Jenny learned to sew and why her parents insisted upon signing her up for 4-H. Kristina Whitney is our guest for the Fine Finishes segment. Join in to ask questions and even win some free stuff! They [...], Elizabeth Townsend Gard joins Tracy and Ginger on the show to discuss how copyright affects [...], Kimberly Einmo joins Tracy, Lori, and Ginger on the show. In Fine Finishes, they dive deep into their dreams to share what their ideal sewing studio would entail. Learn more about your ad choices.... Ebony Love joins Tracy, Lori and Ginger to talk about everything from when she started sewing and quilting, to how she created a quilting business, her Fluevog obsession, and the quilters she is collaborating with right now. }); Quilting Daily has the best resources for quilters, including magazines, videos, patterns, and more! Holiday Quilt Any holiday you choose! Hosts Lori, Tracy, and Ginger come from different quilty generations and backgrounds. Quilt & Tell Sports & Recreation Podcasts Every quilt has a story to tell. In an effort to save some semblance of my own sanity, I turned off the news, and tuned back into several creative and quilting podcasts, yours being my favorite. Y’all make me laugh and I find myself totally immersed in your discussions. As lockdown progressed, I grew more and more depressed. 2020 quilt show & Tell. Click here to view the show notes for this episode. See quilts. Visit, Mark your calendars! Learn more about your ad choices. With the country slowly starting to open up again, the team will be going back to the regular podcast schedule. Have some tissues handy, this episode is a tear-jerker, tears of... Join Alex Anderson and Joanne Sharpe as they chat with Tracy about the labels we place on ourselves, channeling your “inner 2nd grader”, and finding time to do what you love. Made from scrap Anything goes! In Quiltspiration, the hosts read a letter and share photos of a Baby Yoda Quilt, then talk bag making, Pineapples, and new fabrics that are making them want to sew. Visit... Marti Michell tells the story of the beginnings of her career and the truly revolutionary things she brought to the quilting industry—and Tracy, Lori, and Ginger just listen! Learn more about your ad choices. Quilted Gifts for you! Surprise / oops! 10 weeks and Lori, Tracy and Ginger are still sheltering at home! Visit, Tracy starts off the podcast by reading some amazing letters from our listeners. And stay tuned to the end for a special treat! Visit, Tula Pink, Latifah Saafir, Joanne Sharpe and Alex Anderson all in one episode? © Golden Peak Media, All Rights Reserved. Quilt & Tell SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts | Megalink | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify Tune in every other Wednesday for in-depth discussions about behind-the-scenes topics, the quilting lifestyle, and the conversations that take place between quilters—our craft is part of our identity! ), special guests will be brought in to tell us their stories. See quilts. And stay tuned to the end for a special treat! Join in to ask questions and even win some free stuff!Join the Quilt & Tell, Quilt’n Bee 10/16 at 2pm MST by registering with this Zoom link: out our website or more information.Learn more about your ad choices. Tracy shares a letter from a listener who found the best yard sale find ever! Then Lori, Tracy and Ginger share an update on their current projects and discuss some of their favorite quilting related online finds. Jenny Doan joins Tracy, Lori and Ginger—get ready to laugh! Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Join Tracy, Lori and Ginger on Friday, 10/16 at 2pm MST for the Quilt & Tell, Quilt’n Bee on Zoom!