O~3 Entertainment planned to localize the GameCube version in North America under the title Radio Allergy, but the release was canceled. Your cellphone does not in itself cause cancer. Radirgy is a vertical-screen top-down bullet-hell shooter originally developed by Milestone for Naomi arcade system and later released on console systems. In January 2007, O~3 Entertainment announced it would be localizing Radirgy for a February release under the new title "Radio Allergy". Notes. MileStone Inc. is a video game company known for their shoot 'em up titles for the Dreamcast and the Sega NAOMI arcade boards. The three games, all developed by Milestone, are Chaos Field (released for GameCube as Chaos Field: Expanded), Radio Allergy (was supposed to be the final GameCube … Radirgy was ported in 2006 to the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and GameCube exclusively in Japan—of which the latter two featured exclusive gameplay modes. Milestone is exploring options to bring this to North America as part of a future compilation on the Wii. "Radio Allergy for the Nintendo GameCube has been cancelled in North America," said Mike Pepe, marketing manager at O3 Entertainment, the … The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves. The game features bright, cartoony, cel-shaded graphics. They were made of ex-Compile employees. A prototype of the unreleased English localization of Radio Allergy (known as Radirgy in Japan) for the Nintendo GameCube. 2: Star Soldier. If you are looking for even more of an old-school flair to your Gamecube shooting, you may want to consider importing a little gem from the folks at Hudson. Welcome to Bullet Heaven! Radio Allergy for the Nintendo GameCube has been canceled in North America. I'm a big fan of bullet hells, despite not being super good at them. Due to the transition to new gaming platforms, retailers are no longer interested in stocking GameCube titles. The UGS has three games; Radio Allergy(aka Radilgy), Karous, and Chaos Field. While Chaos Field did get a Gamecube release in the US, this is the first appearance for Karous and Radilgy. The highlight of the collection is definitely Radio Allergy. In fact, as far as shooters goes, it's a bit late to the party. Radio Allergy Gamecube Release Info Full Review of Radirgy (Dreamcast version) Hudson Selection Vol. Regardless, these are a selection of my favorite bullet hells. They later ported three of their titles over to Nintendo consoles, including Chaos Field and Radio Allergy for the GameCube and Karous for the Wii. Radio Allergy isn't a GameCube exclusive game.