How tall should your nightstand be? I have asked my hubby to build a platform for this night stand to sit on. It would depend on what kind of feet you have on there now, if any. Like it was mentioned before, setting up a bedside table or nightstand on either side of your bed can help bring balance to the overall style of your space. Oversized headboards are dramatic and impactful. Place your nightstand a few inches away from your bed so your bedding will have room to spare if you want to have your linens drape. If you’re not a decorative pillow hoarder (we accept you either way), you’ll be just fine with a shorter headboard style. If you don’t require as much bedside storage, there are sleeker options available with one or no drawers and an open construction. How much taller does it need to be? Every vintage nightstand is going to be a little different so. Meet the Mindells and Step Inside Their Colorful Home, Bathroom Reveal and Q&A with Renovation Husbands, Small space makeover with Sweet Simple Vegan, Lounge Tour and Q&A with Shauna from The House of Silver Lining, Backyard Tour with Photographer Lisa Diederich, Home Tour: Blogger Rachel Mansfield’s Small Family Apartment, Modernism Week Home Tour: The Gillman Residence, Room Tour: Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse. Low-profile nightstands will look better with shorter beds. Opt for a taller headboard so there’s space for you to lean back comfortably. If you have an extensive collection, you’ll want a taller headboard so that it doesn’t disappear under a mound of throw pillows. That 30" height really kind of opens up the opportunity to use not only taller nightstands, but other kinds of furniture too. You can add screw on wooden feet to make a nightstand taller. On our full service projects, we like to draw elevations of the bed wall in master bedrooms, just to see how everything scales out. Guest bedroom designed by Carla Aston, Photographer: Tori Aston #nightstand #headboard #bedroomdecor, I've got some cool 30" (plus or minus an inch) tall nightstands, consoles, chests and desks to peruse below that would make for some great nightstands, for your shopping convenience. An open shelf type can be a good option if you often read a book before bedtime because you can put all of your to-be-read pile of books within easy reach. ? How tall should your nightstand be? Consider the number of accent pillows you like on your bed. But the new frame must be solid and it must have new places, to drive screws thru to attach the original top back on. To know what to consider while buying a nightstand, read more here. Choose a more solid and balanced nightstand if you plan on it supporting a heavy lamp or storing bulky items. Using it on white  paint can be terrifying . This gives your table a chic look, plus you can dress it up further by adding ceramic saucers to prevent water from your glass to stain the surface. The link pops up right here when you enter your email address below. Repurposing palm shaped ceiling fan blades? That said, you will need to invest in the right nightstands and bedside tables to make your space appear uniform. Fortunately, if your bedside table is your favorite, but the height is an issue, you can gauge the height of your bed instead. What your nightstand is made of can have a huge impact on the style and overall feel of your sleeping quarters. They ship internet items to the store for free. On the other hand, if you want to hide your personal stuff from sight, nightstands with drawers, or even a drawer chest, are worth investing in. I have purchased the screw on feet and the accompanying brackets for various DIY projects. How tall should your nightstand be? I used wide trim molding for the, sides, some 2x2, and plywood for attaching it all. The smaller size works well with our thinner mattresses from yesteryear, or maybe a mattress-only situation for a bed with some kind of platform base or slats for support underneath. You can buy lifts for virtually any type of furniture in many styles and heights. We check headboard height and how it scales with the wall, lamp height and how it works with the headboard and wall, possible wall decor best sizes and locations, and yes......the nightstands and how they relate to the headboard, bed, and overall wall elevation. Is it a large or small space? Coordinate the color of your nightstand with the palette of your room, but remember that lighter colors reflect light while darker colors absorb it. These tips will help you find the perfect nightstand to complement your bedroom. For shorter beds, low-profile bedside table or nightstands will be appropriate. Bold * Livable * Fresh Interior Designer & Design Blogger, The Best Fresh Greens For Your Holiday Decorating, Cozy up with your family with these holiday gift ideas, MY NEW BOOK: How to Choose Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home, Advertising Privacy Policy, Comment Policy, and Disclaimer. I have some drawings below of how we lay out the bed wall, in elevation, to check dimensions and scale. Nightstands with drawers or shelves allow space for you to store all your bedside necessities. Not everyone can find or afford a. set of legs, and maybe like this bedside cabinet it already has nice legs. It’s The Black Friday Blowout! Your headboard not only needs to fit in your bedroom from a measurement perspective, it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing to the space. Track orders, save items to lists and more! This way, you can display those that you want to show, and store your personal items in an accessible manner. Like it was mentioned before, if your bedside table is too high or too low, it will not only make the look and feel of your bedroom seem off balance, but it can also make it difficult for you to get that glass of water or reach a magazine that you’ve been reading. Smaller headboards have a minimal appearance, which are great for smaller spaces, and still add plenty of personality to a room. Nightstands or bedside tables that are either too small or too large can affect the aesthetics of your place. Pat: certainly you can get risers --- or, as I like to do -- put a couple of stacked books underneath lamps, (items ON TOP of the nightstand) etc... adds a design element! Here’s a look at each collection to help you decide on the look and function you want for your space. You can also top it off with a vase of beautiful bedroom plants to add freshness and aroma to your room. To consent, please continue shopping. Here's the link to my Top 5 Bookshelf Styling Tips Guide! However, we are needing a 2nd night stand and I'd prefer to buy one that is taller, rather than try to retrofit it. We work every day to bring you discounts on new products across our entire store. This beauty is the perfect height for this upholstered bed. However, shopping for a nightstand can be challenging at times, especially when there are literally hundreds of designs and styles for you to choose from.