My survey is about e-bussiness Social Network & Cities for Master Degree graduation the link of survey ( I didn’t determine the population because it’s global I received up to now only 103 responds. There are no rules carved in stone regarding the size of the confidence interval/level. Thanks.How many sample do i need in 1,400,767 population? Then I ll proceed with choosing subjects from the selected hospitals using systematic random sampling.. If comparing different schools isn’t that important, you can just use the total population of teachers to calculate your sample size. Supposing I am required to use a sample size of 384 and yet I am required to get them from ten sites , how do I go about this? The formula for calculating the sample size when you do not know the size of the population, is the one below: In a second step, you can adjust your sample size if you do know the population by using the formula below: Alternatively, you can calculate the sample size via our sample size calculator: I am writing a project on effect of TQM on organizational performance.Using UBA Bank Plc is study.The company staff members are much so i decided to make use of 120 staffs of some selected branches in my area as the population size. Often a 95% confidence level and 5% margin of error is taken, which corresponds to a sample of 336. What is the effect size that the calculator is assuming? Use the TI-83, 83+, or 84+ calculator command invNorm(0.95,0,1) to find z0.05. The error bound formula for a population proportion is EBP = [latex]\displaystyle({z}_{\frac{{\alpha}}{{2}}})(\sqrt{\frac{{p'q'}}{{n}}})[/latex]. The confidence interval is (0.355, 0.602). thank you. Is 100 woman (33% of 300)a large enough sample number to be used as an extrapolation method to assume that 300 women’s birth memories are reliable even if i don’t have their birth records? Press ENTER.Arrow down to and enter 421.Arrow down to and enter 500.Arrow down to C-Level and enter .95.Arrow down to Calculate and press ENTER.The confidence interval is (0.81003, 0.87397). How can I calculate my sample size assuming a ME of 5% and CL of 95%. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. Formula that is used to calculate sample size. i wish to know if there exist a statistical way to have the sample size from a known population such as in my case. For small populations you almost need to include the entire population in your sample to get a reasonable margin of error. But mine is that how am i going to choose marginal of error in order to use in calculating the sample size. from you b/se explain bestly. Your margin of error will be very high, e.g. Practically, this means that you will have to invite your entire population. These meta fields include things like Author Name, Author Location, Keywords, etc. If from all levels, they represent 1.9 – 28% of the total population of 5,000. You can calculate sample sizes with different confidence levels using our sample size calculator. Thank you this chart is very helpful. The ideal sample size for your population and confidence level is 230. hi. Thanks for the help that you offer. This formula is similar to the error bound formula for a mean, except that the “appropriate standard deviation” is different. How to calculate the optimal sample size? please, I have a question on how to construct a sample. The above sample size calculator provides you with the recommended number of samples required to estimate the true proportion mean with the required margin of error and confidence level. If your population is 10,000 and you only have 60 respondents, you will have a margin of error of 12,6% at 95% confidence level. with the distribution in the population. I really need it bad sir for may master’s, because im starting to give up. You will see that, once your population goes above 10,000 your sample size doesn’t change much anymore (e.g. Therefore not much information available on QOL. what is the difference between SS = (Z-score)² * p*(1-p) / (margin of error)² and SSadjusted = (SS) / (1 + [(SS – 1) / population]), The 2nd formula is a correction factor that is used for finite populations. Which gives 5.78% margin of error ( Confidence level: 95%). Hello, My research topic is height of upper secondary girl students. Please what sampling technique and sample size would be suitable for my study of senior civil servants in the Ministries of education of three states in Nigeria. Get a ship out to the Bering Sea to sample the proportion of fish that have mercury level within a specified level. what would i do on this matter because I was not able to achieve my sample size. for (var i=0; i