, 1200 year old Shiva temple , Thanjavur , Tamil Nadu , India,, A figure with Shiva on a cobra in the Batu Caves., Man disguised as shiva, kumbh mela, ujjain, madhya pradesh, india, asia,,, Ardhanarishvara ; God Shiva in Ardhanarishvara form ; composite form Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati ; half man half woman ; miniature painting on paper ; India ; Asia, Tons of awesome lingam wallpapers to download for free. Shiva used to wear the Snake King around his neck like a garland. He is shown with the lower body of a snake and his hands folded in the gesture of greeting or adoration. Painting. The sage (rishi) Patanjali was a great devotee of Shiva. Snake Charmers believe they are the direct decedents of Lord Shiva who is depicted with a cobra coiled around his neck,,,,, Rajasthan, India, Asia, Boy dressed as Lord Shiva,, Hindu mythology Lord Shiva statue, meditating in Lotus Pose with Trident snake around neck while ravana giving shivling to Brahmin boy in foreground,, Ancient Khmer bas relief carving showing the Hindu god Shiva firing an arrow from a chariot pulled by a Naga - a many headed snake god. A Hindu worshiper meditating & praying in front of a statue of the god Shiva at the Tulsi Mandir temple in South Richmond Hill, Queens, New York., Lord shiva sitting on snakes, puri, orissa, india, asia, Alamy and its logo are trademarks of Alamy Ltd. and are registered in certain countries. Statue stand near Gang river, close up,, Statue of lord shiva at khajjair ; Himachal Pradesh ; India,,, Lord Shiva sitting on tiger skin and meditating Miniature Painting on Paper,, A shrine to Lord Shiva in the roots of a Banyan tree in the form of a snake Madhya Pradesh India,, Child boy dressed as Lord Shiva, mumbai, maharashtra, india, asia,,, Building work going on around the enormous statue of Lord Shiva or Mahadeva the Hindu god at Bagnath Temple Bageshwar in Northern India,, Garlanded snake sculpture. Shivling is Iconic Symbol of Mahadev Shiva. [automated translation], Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Download Maha Shaktishali Shivling Images Wallpapers Photos and HD Pictures. Patanjali, bronze, Tamilnadu, 1600-1700. Engraving. Gods of hinduism vishnu, shiva, brahma. The cobra is one of Shiva's attributes,,,, Powerful God Shiva Temple Entrance Mandapamm in Kerala,,,, India is steeped in ancient religious beliefs. Copyright complaints  ~,, Close-up detail of Hindu Deity - Lakeside at 'Grand Bassin', Mauritius,, snake hinduism spiritual lord shiva holy power illustration,, VPA 82854 : indian women praying to statue of lord shiva with snake cobra battis shirala maharashtra india,, Closeup of Hindu God Shiva with snake,moon and ganga,, hinduism lord shiva spiritual snake power bless illustration holy,,, Mauritius, Grand Bassin, Ganga Talao sacred lake temple, 5 headed naga snake shiva lingam,, hinduism lord shiva spiritual snake power mind bless ganesha holy Vishnu illustration,, Shiva with trident and snake at entrance of Parvati temple ; Pune ; Maharashtra ; India,, Bhaktapur Nepal - artful wood carving of Ugrachandi image and sacrifices to Shiva,, god Shiva snake holy hinduism illustration,,, god Shiva snake and lady Durga tiger holy hinduism illustration,,, woman worshiping a Shiva snake Arunachala Tamil Nadu India,, god Shiva snake and lady Durga holy elephant Ganasha hinduism illustration,,, idol Lord Shiva hillock Kandukagiri Murudeshwar Uttar Kannada Karnataka india,, god Shiva snake and lady Saraswati peacock holy elephant Ganasha hinduism illustration,,,, god Shiva snake and lady Saraswati peacock holy elephant Ganasha hinduism illustration blue,, god Shiva snake and lady Saraswati peacock holy elephant Ganasha hinduism illustration white,, AMA TE83 Third eye of Lord Shiva sees in nature closeup snake in reeds,, god Shiva snake and lady Saraswati peacock holy elephant Ganasha hinduism white illustration,,, Double Snake, Stone Stela, Lord Shiva, Mehadev Shiva Temple, Austere Interior, Shri Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla,Goa, India,, god Shiva snake and lady Saraswati peacock holy elephant Ganasha hinduism mountains illustration,, Temple Lingam Shrine With Offerings to Hindu Lord Shiva,, UNKNOWN, INDIA - Mar 01, 2009: Shiva with snake and trident,,, Temple Lingam Shrine With Brass Snakes and Offerings to Hindu Lord Shiva,, Statue of lord Shiva wrapped in a snake, holding a trident, outside of New Delhi, India,, Statue of Lord Shiva at Murudeshwar Mahadev Temple, Karnataka, India,, Temple Priest With Lingam Shrine to Hindu Lord Shiva in Background,