This was part of Trump's stated end-game with the whole "fake news" thing and the constant gaslighting- to cast doubt on everything until people didn't know who or what to trust or to believe, so they end up trusting nothing. "Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don't you want to get new Americans in?" Why is this so difficult for you to understand? Add to that, "strongly believed opinion, zero research willingness" and you about summed it up. The site has been controversial over the years for how it offers unusual and sometimes controversial content. An anonymous reader quotes former Reddit product head Dan McComas: This discussion has been archived. You have many useful options to consider when finding an alternative to Reddit. How about addressing the post instead of deflecting like you always do? You can thank your Orange Bunker Boy for that. Reads like the blabber of a literary critic. I was absolutely going to vote for Biden. Segregate the black from the other colors. I got into a rather heated argument over pretty much this. Then they were shocked someone else had a different opinion. The theory is that minor forms of bad behavior encourage worse ones: that a neighborhood with lots of graffiti and broken windows becomes one where robberies occur. So, good riddance to you. I thought they changed how moderation works to make elusive +5 trolls impossible. You failed history, and don't understand the difference of the "ism" between the two. However, that doesn't quite answer all the of questions and fix all of the problems. The short version is that a storage fault led to significant filesystem corruption, and we had to restore a massive amount of data from backups. I also don't see much personal value in some of it either. But they are only half true: an Done to make Trump look bad as well as his supporters. Hopefully, when your companies are history, we can return to more sane infrastructure. Well it turns out the very first time violence and looting broke out at the first protest in Minnesota it was started by a, Umbrella Man is an Antifa goon who was helping to incite the riots. Aether provides useful features that all come on a downloadable app. Or being here on the IT subslashdot in 2020. How would it be bad to replace white people with brown immigrants? Several had their passwords picked up in one of the breaches. Anyway, I made myself keep rading, and at one point in I finally spotted this, which I suspect is the entirety of Reddit's actual problem: Why, then, do they care so much about growth? Sighing, you roll out of bed, pull your Computing ID (CID) card from the alarm unit, and stumble out of the bedroom. They rely on moderated user content, for which they need people to create accounts. So, try again. From talking to my far-left friends, i can almost guarantee that your reaction was entirely due to media misrepresentation of him. No incentive to keep users constantly glued to the service, and and no incentive for users to share all their private information. Your last choice to look at is 4chan, although it is best for you to be cautious when looking around at what 4chan has to offer. The fact is that the people protesting wouldn't exist and wouldn't be encroaching on your little bubble if people like you didn't exist. I for one would definitely go there! There really is a line between Free Speech and just trolling or being hateful.This doesn't say that organization or people don't cross these lines such as blocking Valid Free Speech and Arguments, or going the other way allowing harmful, hateful, and incorrect material to be populated because they say it was free speech. For example, if I want to read up on real peoples experiences with things like keto diets, delayed onset muscle syndrome (DOMS) etc. We are not responsible for them in any way. Sadly, I have to agree. There was no "what about" in my comment at all; that's just an easy escape route for morons who don't want to think too hard. Do you know what Superman was too? When I browse the visible user comments on Slashdot they are generally much more infantile than those visible on Reddit. (, May-Britt Moser, her husband Edvard Moser, and John O'Keefe for. 2 Some of the videos just haven't gelled, to put it lightly, and I have yet to see the Right ensure equal opportunity for anyone other than the 1% regardless of race. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! It's a communication tool; I don't see a need for every community to be a comfortable space for everyone. Every day, another surface dweller strays too far from the spawn zone on Tutorial Island and gasps. You could try just not clicking on them though. Does Reddit even implement 2FA? Voat was designed mainly as an attempt to try and compete with Reddit. I tried reading the linked article but gave up after reading 3 paragraphs that contained many words without making any concise statement. Sure there are subreddits that is this clown show but you can easily filter that out.