<3. wondered if maybe b/c of sourcream they were just more moist that usual. I just made these for my parents- 45 minutes of hard labor were devoured in about a third of that time. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site. With blackberries on the side to balance the sweet maple syrup.. Made ’em, loved ’em. Any unevenness will settle down and the pancakes will be perfect. I’ve been (quietly) ogling your recipes for a long time now, so when I decided to move away from my trusty Aunt Jemima pancake mix last week, I thought I’d try these out first. I knew I had it made. Now you’ve blogged about them too! Ok, I tried these last night and they were great! The Pioneer Woman participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. thanks for the cool web site. Especially on the weekend. Thanks! Thanks so much. Deanna B — I have a waffle recipe that I prefer, and of course that you know works in a waffle iron. Looking forward to trying them again…with a regular measuring spoon this time, as they really were SO quick and easy and incredibly light-textured. For me, a piece of fruit or something when I prefer to wake up — 8 a.m. Can’t wait to try them! Two years ago: Leek and Swiss Chard Tart I’ve tried all whole wheat or oat flour (my fav) with great success. YUM! These cakes are like mini-souffles…best pancakes i have ever had, hands down. But then, I’m looking at the photo at 6 at night! I’ll have to try these after having success recently with the Pear and Chocolate Cake! Made these this morning with gluten free flour and creme fraiche. Stack ’em 3 high (or 2 at the minimum)–this is a new concept for me, as I’ve always had thicker pancakes that would make too high of a stack, so I just thought I’d point that out! We made these into blueberry pancakes last night (I love breakfast for dinner) & they were SO yummy & unusual. Any suggestions on a high altitude adjustment? I would happily watch Jacob until 8 for you. I´m not much of a pancake eater but this right here is an instant winner! And I still can’t do The Running Man. Hm – I don’t have any sour cream in my fridge … but I DO have some greek yogurt. I’m going to have to make the cranberry syrup though and try canning it for my fridge. And now I have sit-ups to do.] 3 tablespoons sugar. Thinned out the sour cream with a little buttermilk to make up for the couple of spoon-fulls that had already been used. I made these again this weekend. I love your site. I’ll probably have to double the recipe. College kids LOVE! I thought, even if I can work this out how will I talk others into making a pancake that’s such a pain and that most people flop at? I hope there are others you may like in the archives. Add blueberries or chocolate chips to the pancake batter. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to know your secret of seasoning the pan..when you can share your tips anytime…:). All babies. I have a pathological fear of things…sticking. The sour cream balancing the maple syrup intrigues me. Added blueberries and they were delicious! dinner with Smitten 2 days in a row. thanks alot!!! Thanks, Deb! First time I ever made pancakes without Bisquick’s help! I cannot wait to try these!!!! I like really crisp pancakes so I use lots of butter and oil while cooking but the inside was light. honest-to-goodness american pancakes. For anyone who is on a lowcarb or paleo diet: I made this with half/half flour and almond meal (only 3.5 T. of each), with granulated Splenda instead of the sugar, but left everything else intact (except for adding an extra egg yolk for additional fat and protein). These are definitely more moist and a little heavier than my favorite traditional buttermilk pancakes. Fantastic and it only took about 10 minutes! The sour cream pancakes sound very good. Thanks. My husband has been the one making pancakes for our children these days; I’ll pass the recipe along so that he can make his next batch from scratch. Then he rolled over and looked so pleased himself that it broke my will. Do NOT send Jacob to PW! i love how these turned out! Will be perfect for the 2 week vacation that begins for me next week! I’m a terrible pancake flipper, so besides being a little ugly, they were delicious! In case anyone’s wondering about reduced-fat sour cream: it was all I had and doesn’t seem to change the taste/texture in any significant way. THANK YOU Edna Mae for your ingenuity and sharing with us. He scraped his plate clean!!! I have made it many mornings, and it never disappoints. Do not despair. Tender and delicate but not as fluffy and thick as traditional types. Sounds like you aren’t very nice to him. It was the only thing I could think of; I made the pancakes when I was a little rushed, and didn’t see the part where you suggested starting it at medium-low. I was flipping through cookbooks this morning looking for something yummy to make for breakfast, and I saw a recipe for sour cream pancakes in one of my books. I wonder why this happened? Weird tasting, IMO. Original Post May 2011: So here’s what I did. We’re just happy to have had pancakes with our sausage and eggs. It seems like anything cooked on a cast iron pan looks sooo good. AA — Actually, it was those Heavenly Hots that got sour cream pancakes on my mind. …..these look delicious. I’m making something today inspired by a tiny element of one of them…. I’m a fan of all things including syrup and/or sour cream! Butter These got a “thousand thumbs up” rating, and he suggested the recipe be added to our family cookbook. And so easy! They are so good. Mmm.. I was short on sour cream so I added a bit of ricotta–totally amazing! Goddamn these are good. I think that’s what got me in trouble with these, maybe I undermixed and so that’s partly why initial attempts were too eggy. Shockingly good pancakes. Perfect solution :) These pancakes look like a must try though seriously! Hi Deb! GOD. 1/2 tsp. I’m in love with maple syrup, especially grade b. Repeat with remaining batter. Perfect size and easy to make. I also had to sub a little bit of yogurt in, which was low-fat; maybe that was an issue. super copy! Num! Another must is salted butter. The handy dandy printable is below, but before that, here are a few variations on this recipe, which was a variation of another recipe! Is it early?” morning, post diaper change, breakfast even easier than these simple pancakes! Last. 1 1/2 cups flour. Ok, this is for those inclined to NOT make these based on the ‘too eggy’ comments. I prefer honey over maple syrup (tried both), and they were delicious! Unfortunately it is 2:46, no longer breakfast time, and I do not think I could convince my roommates we need to have breakfast for dinner since several of them are severely sweet-adverse. agreed, pancakes are a food for noon, especially these. We just made the ricotta lemon pancakes yesterday (for the umpteenth time) and could always use another breakfast recipe that is easily made from ingredients on hand. Dang it! what do you think of greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream? So long as it doesn’t make them too dry, they’ll probably still stay together.