Also, I think there are ways to skip the rib cage platforming. Also, I don't think youre supposed to be able to jump over the first bridge gap as the ram. after you press B on most animal). At the moment, it's just a time waste that can be easily avoided. Experimenting with changing into an animal whilst by the warp and pressing Up at the same time despawns the camel corpse instead and makes the camera act weird upon a "new animal" cutscene. Fix: The hit box was set to 0 and has now been fixed. But if you re enter the level it will automatically send you back to the stage select screen after a little bit and unlock the next level for you. God help us all. The Glitch: If you were to pull up any given list of the most influential video games of all time, Space Invaders would almost definitely be there. Be respectful! What makes this interesting is that the elevator down to the teleporter can be clipped through by moving and then pressing B as the turtle, allowing you to skip waiting to get to the bottom. ALSO I've tried rerouting Jungle Jumps. I don't know where that is stored yet if at all in the RAM, and even then I don't know where it would be useful/if it i at all a thing. [SPOILER: 2K21 TE! You can also fly there from the barn. N64 Space Station Silicon Valley (U) [f2] (PAL) NTSC-U version converted to PAL version with a 1-byte change. Also can do cutscene skip here too but in any% this means you get the tortoise info so... Dunno if this is quicker than elephant. This can potentially be abused if he is facing left to encourage the vulture approaching you and so saves time getting to (and from) the vulture. Battery Farm: No hitbox extension. Snow Joke seems pretty optimised too in my route. Language select screen now available in both NTSC-U patches. The question then becomes how are you supposed to get to the switch. Then, select a saved game or level. Cutscene Skips: There are 3 (I think?) How do I take a past broadcast from twitch and cut it down to only a part I want to show, or how do I take a past broadcast and cut it into a shorter vid to put on youtube? SpaceStation Silicon Valley (USA) … Then, select a saved game or level and press Left. No pillar squeeze. I'm going to stream-of-consciousness some rules right now. Don't get in arguments with people here, or start long discussions. By holding the grab button, eventually the corpse will drop and bounce along the floor in the direction you were facing for as long as you hold B. SOmething I'd like to talk about - Whirlwind Tour. Copyright © 1997-2020 Cheat Code Central. What is interesting about this one is that the animal stops obeying the laws of gravity - the corpse will go up hills but will not descend, instead floating horizontally in the air. Momentum Storage: This is an extension of Animation Cancelling. Old trick I should have mentioned, courtesy of qqwref - Have a Nice Day doesn't need to be done like the casual route. Handy in Engine Room and Rat-o-Matic where you are the Fox with it's dash as you can go long distances quickly to get to the teleporter faster. Doldrums: No hippo jump, can't lure the hippo to hit the log switch, no yolo jumps, must walk across the invisible bridge. HAND: Is the cutscene skip allowed? Europe level. EDIT 2: The vulture breaks when the kangaroo is on an updraft, interestingly it doesn't get pushed upwards at all, the game instead treats it as if it's already at the highest point and about to descend instead, but then also stops updating the vultures movements later in the level. SitT: No Sha jumping. Would be helpful if yu weren't Evo. There doesn't seem to be any other functions. BCP: A/B skips are fine, the Replay Zone skip isn't. Well... Not a glitch per say but definitely worth mentioning - you can enter animals before they become the jumping heart thing which saves time as you skip the obvious waiting for them to be a heart but also them turning back into an animal, you just start the animation at the frame it was when you entered (so if you get it frame perfect, you lose 1 frame I think). Conversely, when the game is played on emulators and the RAM is set to 4MB, the game crashes 100% of the time during these scenes, videos and cutscenes. How to Improve Our Industry (With No Comment Section Wars), Why the XSX Looks the Same (and That's OK), The Positive Side of Streaming (You Might Have Missed). In other words: I got my streaming shit set up and am now the WR holder for Have a Nice Day IL and Smashing Start IL. Sent to investigate the reappearance of the titular [i]Space Station Silicon Valley,[/i] Dan Danger and Evo the Robot find themselves stranded, and try to discover the station's secrets while beset upon by hordes of robot animals. Then, select a saved game or level and press Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Log in to twitch -> video manager (on the grey bar on the left) -> past broadcasts -> highlight (on whatver broadcast you want to highlight). Complete the game as fast as possible using NONE of the following glitches/tricks: No cutscene skipping (Jumping in and out with Evo specifically)No Hitbox Extensions to hit switches with unintended animal.No pushing switches as EvoNo Early Keycard (this is a Hitbox Extension)No Leap of FoxNo Gravity ClipNo Barrel Jump/Sewer SkipNo using Evo for Early Keycard in Stinky SewersNo Cliff ClipNo Super SlidingNo Dead seagull or Living Penguin to press switches on Penguin PlaypenNo Cod EscapeNo Gorilla JumpsNo Hippo JumpNo Bone JumpNo WWT SkipNo Turbo Launch, You may use Evo to recharge energy faster.Killing enemies offscreen with the hyena to store laughter frames also allowed.Pillar Squeezing is allowed.(? We all know the skip for that being very inconsistent, so I wonder if that would be something that can be figured out? 'Intended' is different than 'glitchless' (I recommend glitchless) and some of the things that could be required are really stupid (examples: waiting for the mice to open the door in ratomatic, watching the BCP cutscene). If you are holding an animal and go to pick up another one at the same time, the one you were holding will keep going in the direction you were facing/moving (so either left or right) and won't stop until it hits a wall or the boundaries of the level. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Thanks for the credit, Marx. I feel like youre not intended to take all that damage. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Engine Room: No early Keycard, no leap of fox, no cutscene skip. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Also, I feel like glitchless is a useful category in cases where the run is significantly different or in cases where the glitches are very hard. Youre 'intended' to use the carrots as a platform, but it is possible to just jump on the shed. I've had more problems with that level by itself than every other level combined. All the community rules apply here. Japes: no cutscene skip, must hit the switch as the hyena.