I don't know if it's the Staples or the gun. I have never put in a staple with this gun that didn't need to be finished with a hammer. Use dielectric grease whenever you need to insulate electrical connections and prevent water from accessing and corroding the connection. It provides highly professional settings that can make you work enjoyable and efficient. Don’t limit your broadband effectiveness with the wrong fastening system. Even you require an electrician staple gun, it still is could be the best one that you will find in the market or online. The buyers of this product say that the power adjustability of this gun has no match. The 37AC is used to install staples over cables up to 11/32″ (9mm). Applications include clearing dust and other debris from computer equipment, keyboards, circuit boards, non-energized machinery, switches, auto detailing and any number of other applications. One other thing I’ve noticed is load the gun with fuller clips and try to stay away from loading one or two inside the unit along with a fuller clip. Secures 120V & low-volt cable: Romex, Coaxial & CAT 5 from the same tool. Following are a few safety tips to keep in mind whenever you’re using a staple gun. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Because these staple guns need to be attached to an air compressor, they have the greatest limitations when it comes to mobility. Works with 31/64-inch (12mm) insulated fastener and 19/31-inch insulated fastener. On the other hand, a poor-quality Romex wire staple gun is a complete waste of time – struggling to staple even moderately thick bits of paper (at least it feels that way), with a painfully slow staple reloading process. *Romex® is a Registered Trademark of Southwire Company, LLC. The 37AC Tacker Stapler uses our patented design to drive the specially designed staples to a predetermined, thus making it virtually impossible to crush broadband wires, such as Coax RG59, COAX RG6-TRI, and RG6-Quad, thereby preserving their high speed data transmission properties. A manual staple gun requires no power source other than you. Second on the list, we have the Romex staple gun provided by the Arrow Company that is known for its fat and rapid action. Staple remover: If you make a mistake and need to take out a staple, a staple remover is the tool you need to get the job done. The best thing is that this staple gun has a notch by which you can see first where you Aare shooting, so it’s a perfect deal for you that you can enjoy at such an affordable price. Make Offer - Arrow Fastener T25 Low Voltage Wire Staple Gun Fits up to 1/4-Inch Wires. You don’t need to hire someone for your work now, as all of your needs are coming in the package when you buy this Duo-Fast CS5000. This type of staple gun is also manually operated. Offers comfort grip areas for 2-handed operation, an ergonomic handle and easy trigger force for repeated use. The special low-memory steel tape does not curl during extension, easily fishing wire in both conduit and existing structures. I have mixed emotions about this product basically because it works very well with the three eights- white clips but it’s hit and miss on the half-inch- black clips. Use of this website is subject to certain terms of use which constitute a legal agreement between you and Home Depot of Canada Inc. Gardner Bender's innovative Mini Cable Snake is an ultra-compact 15 foot fish tape for installing a variety of wire and cable including electrical wire, speaker wire, and network cable over short runs inside walls and ceilings. It just sucks, won't go in most materials, and ones it does like drywall the staples don't hold. This Romex staple gun works appropriately for every professional and personal use. Arrow T59 Wire & Cable Staple Gun - Brand New Made in USA! Secures round and flat cable covering 3 sizes of NM, Coax, Voice/Data, and Low Volt cable. It can be a little uncomfortable to handle, but you cannot find such a good Romex staple gun at an affordable price. It can be an exceptional experience for those too who are looking for a staple gun as a beginner. If you'd like to add a festive look to your yard for a party, stapling balloons to a tree is a quick and easy option. I've tried on dry wall, boards and plywood. The adjustment settings are simple and easy to use. View Details. Acme Staple is committed to providing you with quality products, on time, at a fair price. It will make you feel relaxed and quick while you are working on your DIY and home projects. It can also be used for wiring purposes and even insulation. This anti-crush objective is accomplished by the interaction of several of the gun’s components with the wire or cable being installed to automatically regulate depth to which each staple is driven. A good rule of thumb when choosing staples is to use a leg length that is three times longer than the thickness of the material you want to fasten. Ideally, some padding or at least a nonslip handle is also a good idea.