He spent 15,000 years in the sun. Weaknesses Superman (Prime One Million) major weakness is omnipotent beings such as The Presence or any aspects of god., It is also unclear whether Superman (Prime One Million) is above archangels such as Lucifer and Michael. Superboy-Prime was freed, along with Cyborg Superman, by a strike force of Sinestro Corps members who turned the red sun to yellow, presumably thereby restoring his powers. Superman is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. so is RKT second to the TOAA? So that’s 4x24(365)x15,000=525,600,000. Striking Strength: Low Hyperversal Speed: Omnipresent Durability: Low Hyperverse Level Attack Potency: Low Hyperverse Level (Superior to Superman One Million, who was capable of holding back a galaxy with his force vision) Range: Low Hyperversal Stamina: Godly FactPile Tier: Low 1-C. While Cosmic Armor Superman is on a level way beyond Multiversal. Sinestro Corps. Lifting Strength: At least Multi-Stellar (Massively stronger than the regular Superman) Striking Strength: Galactic. The Man of Steel has just about everything a superhero could ask for super-strength, speed, heat vision, invulnerability and an endless array of other abilities.From his wacky Silver Age power-set to the toned-down, Post-Crisis Superman, The Man of Tomorrow has proven his immense potential time and again. The only feat I will be using for Supeman Prime One Million is from his much younger self All-Star Superman where his power’s triple every 15 minutes in the sun. Kal-El Prime was brought to Qward, where he was made into a herald of the Anti-Monitor, along with Henshaw and the Parallax-possessed Kyle Rayner. Durability: Galaxy level (His power was stated to be far beyond any held by any metahuman ever, which should place him massively above Titano and Superman One Million who held back a galaxy with their heat visions) Solar Supercharge: Superman Prime One Million remained in Earth's sun, labeled as the "Super-Sun", for 15,000 years, increasing his abilities to unknown but presumably titanic levels. Superhuman Strength: Superman Prime One Million has the ability to physically lift humongous levels of weight, and deliver physical blows of colossal magnitudes. [QUOTE="dragonmaster64"]ok comparing to superman prime it says he is second only to the presence which is marvel equivalent of TOAA. In the grand scheme and level of things. Superman One Million was at best a Multiversal level entity. Prime staking out Earth for the Sinestro Corps. Notable Attacks/Techniques Edit. Cosmic Armor Superman!