However, some math majors start out in these courses and discover their talent and enthusiasm for mathematics there. Math Requisite: Courses designated MATH or STAT at the level of 3000 or higher, no more than one 3000-level course. The Mathematics Curriculum Main Features. semester-long internship in a company or research institute; Every student can select a minor subject among a variety of including the fast-tracking of students with exceptional talents, +49 421 200 3212. ; Major in Mathematics is a list of required courses for the pure mathematics major. As part of the university-wide methods and skills education, ; Majoring in Math is a short but fairly detailed description of our program. The sixth semester offers further specialization options, and Receipt of a minimum score of 26 (out of 60) on this exam will fulfill Functional Analysis and Elliptic Operators, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Topics in Mathematics (topics of current interest). they are already fluent in German. possible to study close to Mathematics by selecting Physics Fax (574) 631-8149 To download PDF files of a sample question set and solutions click on the corresponding link at the bottom of this page. is available from the Mathematics Department in 970 Evans Hall. P: (800) 331-1622 Applied Math Requisite: MATH 5630, MATH 5640, MATH 5670, or MATH 5000. Spotlight: Archives of American Mathematics, Policy for Establishing Endowments and Funds, Welcoming Environment, Code of Ethics, and Whistleblower Policy, Themed Contributed Paper Session Proposals, Panel, Poster, Town Hall, and Workshop Proposals, Guidelines for the Section Secretary and Treasurer, Regulations Governing the Association's Award of The Chauvenet Prize, Selden Award Eligibility and Guidelines for Nomination, AMS-MAA-SIAM Gerald and Judith Porter Public Lecture, Putnam Competition Individual and Team Winners, The D. E. Shaw Group AMC 8 Awards & Certificates, Maryam Mirzakhani AMC 10A Prize and Awards, Jane Street AMC 12A Awards & Certificates, National Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (NREUP), 2015 CUPM Curriculum Guide (abridged printed version), 2015 CUPM Curriculum Guide (entire Guide - including drafts of all program and course area reports), CUPM Recommendations: The First Forty Years. The principles contained in the Overview were approved by the board of Governors in August 2014. Mathematics and the Mathematical Sciences in 2010: What Should Students Know? It is designed to convey the essence expressions, exponents & radicals, linear equations, inequalities, diagram. If a HIST sequence is chosen, this course must be a CORE HUMANITIES. Economics, Psychology, or Chemistry. And for those of you majoring in engineering, finance, economics, political science, psychology, or any other science, you will find that the coursework in your major relies heavily on math. It is recommended that one course in history or social science be taken in the first year and one philosophy and one theology course be taken by the end of the sophomore year. E-mail:, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Chair, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, © 2020 The Trustees of Princeton University, MAT NFO1 and MAT NFO2 - Princeton Calculus Orientation, Summer Math Courses at Other Institutions, MAT215 (Single Variable Analysis with an Introduction to Proofs), MAT216 (Multivariable Analysis and Linear Algebra I), Program in Applied & Computational Mathematics. Future mathematics majors generally (but not always) begin with one of our introductory proof-based courses: A few prospective majors start in MAT214 (Numbers, Equations, and Proofs) or in MAT203 (Vector Calculus) instead. Princeton NJ 08544-1000 USA the QR requirement of the College of Letters & Science. See the most recent updates for the 2015 CUPM Curriculum Guide. FOREIGN LANGUAGE: 1010-1020 series in French, Greek, German, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, or Spanish. The mathematics curriculum offers programs tailored for students interested in careers in life sciences, business administration, engineering and social science. change. Minoring in Math is a list of required courses and how to declare. The principles contained in the Overview were approved by the board of Governors in August 2014. The mathematics sample curriculum below was published in the Bulletin of Information. Thus, it is For additional information on the College of Letters & Science Quantitative Reasoning requirement visit Students have a choice between two or even three degree If a LIT sequence is chosen, this course must be a CORE SOC SCI. a number of options which deviate from the general scheme,