The strings are gamut lyon gut. FREE Shipping. Electric Upright Basses: Which One is Best for Me? When I travel with my bass everything comes off, like you describe, as I have a removable neck. some violins are 325mm (12.79528 inches) or (12 25/32 inches) from the nut to the bridge, others are as much as 328mm (12.9134 inches) or (12 29/32 inches) from the nut to the bridge. The underside of the bridge (the side closest to the tailpiece) should be perpendicular to the top of the bass, not tilted forward or back. While this can sometimes indicate a warped bridge, it is generally just repositioning itself over time as you tune the instrument and pull on the bridge with the strings. Should I trust myself to fix it or take it in? Double basses have different neck angles, which results in the need for different sized bridges -- you can't buy a bridge "off the shelf" to immediately fit your bass. Grab Some Swag. Of course, adjustable height bridges are also often a necessity to compensate for seasonal changes on some carved instruments.I have adjustable bridges on both my basses-- I like the ability to fine tune action, as well as raise it for an acoustic bluegrass jam so I can get maximum volume from string bloom room, or lower it for more fingerboard interaction when playing an amplified jazz gig. 100+ Joined Reverb. All bridges require fitting. The feet of the bridge should be flush with the top of the instrument. If the bridge is cut properly, the topside of the bridge (the side closest to the fingerboard) may appear to be leaning back. …. Carved 3/4 Upright 4 String Double Bass Ebony Tailpiece Double Bass Building. Upright Bass Bridge -Joseph Teller German Bridge Maple 3/4 - 2 Star - NEW. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. Thank you, nice! The adjusters should be raised, or lowered, at equal amounts. That pressure also holds the soundpost (inside your bass) in place. It involved completel I would recommend that you have a scrolling saw and a belt sander to make the installation much easier. Here are some things every upright player should know: The internal, not external, notches you see on the F-holes determine the proper distance of the bridge from the fingerboard. or Best Offer. If you have adjusters, you can often press on the bridge to get the underside perpendicular. It may be tempting to raise one side or the other to make one string higher or lower. Let me know and I'll send you the instructions via email, no obligation.This Bridge is TOO BIG?? If the bridge is cut properly, the topside of the bridge (the side closest to the fingerboard) may appear to be leaning back. Watch. The instructions and advice you offered were invaluable. 3/4 Regulated Double Bass Bridge Contrabass Bridge Upright Bass Bridge R9V8. Upright Bass Luthier (Repairperson) Directory, Lots of New Stuff at Gollihur Music - New Basses, New Accessories, New CLEARANCE, We've added "BassBucks Rewards" to the site, Kolstein Adjustable Upright Bass Bridge with Hardwood Adjusters, Eminence Adjustable Bridges for Electric Upright Bass (4/5 string), Adjusters for Upright Bass Bridges (Assorted), Upright Bass Bridge Foot Fitter Tool (for Contouring Bass Bridge Feet), Upright Bass String Lifter Tool (for Fitting Bass Bridges). I think I could make my bass play/sound much better thanks to this article but the part about the sound post has me worried… Could I strap the body of the bass to keep pressure on the sound post while I work on the bridge? Listing Sold. Hello, I don’t see how a bridge perpendicular to the top of the bass would effect individual string intonation. I have a plywood bass and the bridge is a mess! Shipped From. Even if your bridge starts out with the underside at 90 degrees from the top, it may lean slightly toward the fingerboard as time goes on. Double Bass Bridge Upright Bass Bridge For Acoustic Bass Maple 3/4 Spare Part. If any of this doesn’t work out to be correct, you should take your bass to a reputable bass luthier for the needed adjustments. If you find yourself needing to re-position the bridge, in any way you can loosen the strings a bit if needed, but do not make them slack. Dr. Donovan Stokes is on the faculty of Shenandoah University-Conservatory. Thanks! can go a long way to making for a happy bass, and a happy player! Stands: Which Bass Stand is Best for You? If your soundpost falls you can set it back up in an emergency, but the bass really needs to be taken into a luthier at this point. Strings: Choices for Rockabilly/Psychobilly Slap, Strings: Choices for Electric Upright Basses, Pickups: Choosing Pickups for Your Double Bass, Preamps: Choosing a Preamp for Your Upright Bass. Knowing something about proper bridge placement, alignment, etc. Mikaela, I suggest you watch this video: I am a ham and egg bass player who loves it. It gives you the ability to vary the action for different styles, lower for jazz styles, where fingerboard buzz is a welcome seasoning, in the middle for general play where you want more note bloom or boom, and higher for bluegrass or rockabilly slap., Marek Bero Publishes “Bass Gym 101: Odd Time Bass Grooves”, Jimi Hendrix “Live In Maui” Features Documentary and Rare Performance, Markbass Unveils the Mark Vintage Pre Preamp Pedal. All 3/4 size bridges come with black adjusters as shown in the photo above.How can I be sure I have the right size bridge?If you look or feel inside through the E string f-hole, you will find the Bass Bar; it runs parallel to and below the E string. I’m a cabinet maker and reasonably experienced setting up acoustic guitars and electric guitars and basses. They have finger-sized indents that makes their use easier and more comfortable, and these adjusters are available separately, below, if you want to upgrade a set or install them in an existing bridge yourself. Be the first to write a review. We send occasional correspondence from Gollihur Music. Yes, some of it is promotional, to tell you about new products, special offers, and the like -- but it's also informative, with lesson materials, technical help, tips and tricks, and more. Never tune up an instrument without a soundpost in place. Las Vegas, NV, United States. Like all bridges, it is only rough... Want to have the convenience of adjusters on your bass bridge? I followed your simple instructions and with the help of my wife this bass has NEVER SOUNDED BETTER. In short, one thing is dependent upon the other, so it is important to have the bridge in the right place. You want constant pressure on the bridge to avoid a fallen soundpost. I purchased an adjustable bridge for my upright. Choose a replacement bridge in that range (most basses are 3/4 size, approximately four inches from the center point of each foot ) with a height larger than your current bridge. BAUSH German 3/4 Size 50+ Years Old Upright bass bridge. In addition to affecting the sound adversely, it places uneven pressure on the top and can weaken the stability of your bridge. $161.65. Other folks pin their post, but I wouldn’t advise that. Regular Price. $10.00 shipping. Quantity: …, Something new we're trying - a rewards program. © Gollihur Music. Complete Double Bass Bridge Care and Maintenance Sorry, can't help you." Meaning that the E-side of the bridge and the G-side of the bridge should be the same distance from their corresponding F-holes. $200. I bought one of these to replace the old warped bridge on my 1986 Engelhardt EM-1 and I am very pleased with the outcome. $7.94/ea. I am also glad to chat with you via email or on the phone if you have any questions. Improper soundpost placement will cause problems in sound and can, if significantly misplaced, cause damage to the top or back of the instrument. Having the feet flush ensures good contact between the bridge and the top, which contributes to both the stability of the bridge and the quality of sound the bass can produce. All great consistent quality with very durable adjusters. A useful tool for setting up double basses, provides instant measurables so you can speed up your workflow. I've posted a large, high resolution photo so you can see the detail of the high grade of maple used.Instructions are included:I will be glad to include my personal notes with tips on installing a double bass bridge! The bass bar of the instrument (on the inside…more on this at a later time) and soundpost placement are based upon proper positioning of the bridge. © 2020 No Treble, LLC and respective copyright holders. This very nice quality bridge is made for the Eminence EUB (Electric Upright Bass) and is an OEM replacement for your existing lost, warped or damaged bridge.