Buy a rat poison from your local hardware or home improvement shop. Defra was unable to comment, due to purdah restrictions. It means people will be banned by law from releasing captive grey squirrels and muntjac deer. "Not even aware that an animal must be slaughtered for it. And muntjac deer, long considered an invasive species, are among the … At one point last summer, I counted over twenty squirrels in the yard all at the same time. "This is due to the Defra ruling on invasive species control, and we, as a rescue organisation, would be in serious breach of the law if we were to release either of these animals after that date. If you have a problem with squirrels or want your birds and squirrels to live happily alongside each other in your garden, then follow these tips. The Forestry Commission estimates there are just 140,000 left thanks to the ever expanding American grey population, which is thought to stand at 2.5 million. We have so many squirrels in our yard that we’ve begun to call them tree rats. “They should not be callously gunned down for a laugh or social media post.”, One shooter - Jason Price - boasted: “Quick zero. Who knew Moon, Glen, Storme and Ocean could be so funny? 'I dream of being on the West End but I'll struggle to get a job after graduating in the pandemic', Third year student Usama Kayani says his future is uncertain, A man who is setting up a coronavirus testing lab admits drunkenly stroking a woman on a Heathrow flight, The 43-year-old was initially accused of sexually assaulting a woman sat next to him on a BA flight, The full list of people who will be able to get the coronavirus vaccine first. A spokesperson for Cuan Wildlife Rescue, in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, called the move "truly horrible news" but stressed to add it "cannot break the law". By contrast, red squirrels are fatally affected by parapoxvirus - a disease to which eastern grey squirrels are immune and unaffected yet can spread. The online group Grey Squirrel Hunters UK featured hundreds of snaps of mutilated squirrel bodies alongside details of exactly how they were “dispatched.”. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. "While the new legislation will still allow these species to be released in situ if they have been trapped accidentally, unfortunately, in certain situations where animals need veterinary care or to be hand reared we will have no other option but to put them to sleep rather than rehabilitating and releasing them back into the wild. Grey squirrels, native to eastern North America, are considered an invasive species in the UK and Ireland because they are not regulated by natural predators. Research carried out by the Game Conservancy and Wildlife Trust also shows grey squirrels have an adverse impact on many native woodland birds, reducing fledging rates by an average of 15 per cent. A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said the squirrel-killing group was “distressing” and that video taken by hunters showed squirrels did not die immediately. Vigilante shooters claim their sick trade is vital to the protection of endangered red squirrels by dealing with their more successful American grey cousins. Non-native grey squirrels are blamed for the decline in native reds and muntjac deer are accused of causing road accidents and damage to crops. The petition states that mass culling of grey squirrels is not only cruel, but an ineffective way of conserving red squirrels. The controversial posts emerged on the Grey Squirrel Hunters UK Facebook group, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Snakes that are known predators of small mammals like squirrels are Pythons, Anacondas, Mongoose, and etc. Should the UK commit to the relentless killing of grey squirrels in perpetuity? Animal welfare campaigners have slammed a group of hunters that boasted of stalking and killing grey squirrels - with children giving the thumbs up. They said: "From the 1st December, we will no longer be legally allowed to release grey squirrels or muntjac deer back into the wild. Clocked grey barking up an Oak...pulled the trigger and he took a lead pill and fell to the autumn cover woodland floor with a thump.”. The online group Grey Squirrel Hunters UK featured hundreds of snaps of mutilated squirrel bodies alongside details of exactly how they were “dispatched” on Facebook, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. They can also chew through your roof and get into your attic or chimney. And distressing video shows the animals writhing on the floor after being blasted in the head so hard their eyes pop out. ", Elisa Allen, director of Peta, added: “Squirrels are intelligent, social animals who ask for nothing from life but the chance to live it. Killing greys is also highly unlikely to have any effect on the number of reds, as they are now confined to only a few areas of the British Isles. The idea that the family dog is a killer, comes as a shock to many. The images have since been removed from the Grey Squirrel Hunters UK Facebook page after they sparked fury online. Rescue groups and vets will be required to euthanise injured muntjac deer and grey squirrels under new EU rules introduced on Sunday. 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Animal welfare charities have slammed the Defra ruling, claiming that injured animals from both non-native species would instead have to be euthanised if caught. But their red counterparts are lauded, with snaps of them being fed on bird tables regularly put up. You can unsubscribe at any time.