In this guide, I look at good beginner ukuleles that fall within the $50 to $100 price range. Confused about uke sizes? In most cases, the actual body of a tenor (not including the neck) is only 10% larger than a concert. This year I am planning on building more instruments with traditional tonewood tops. Sale! Well, this is actually a critical question. Ukulele Sizes: The Complete Guide to Different Uke Sizes, The Best Beginner Ukulele: My Top 7 Picks (2020 Edition), Best Tenor Ukuleles: 2020 Reviews and Buyer's Guide, How to Buy A Ukulele: The 2020 Ukulele Buying Guide, The Best Ukulele Brands & Good Uke Brands for Beginners (2020 Edition), Tenors are the largest of the three most common ukulele sizes (soprano, concert, tenor). Plus better bass, plus better tone. 760-585-6352 Tenor - The Tenor Ukulele Size Tenor ukuleles are also considered to be the middle-category of ukuleles. Of course, some people are drawn to the slightly more bright and sparkly tone of a concert. I also prefer the slightly bigger, fuller tone of a tenor uke. I’ve highlighted these two parts in the diagram below. It’s important to keep in mind that body size isn’t the only factor that determines tone. I think the difference is subtle, and it seems to be more noticeable on some tenor ukes than others. I delivered three super tenors to Ric at Hale Ukulele at the same time (earthtone cedar, ancient spruce and all koa) and this instrument had the brightest tonal quality of the three. This guide explains the different ukulele sizes (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone) and discusses which sizes are best for beginners. This means that if you can play a concert, you can play a tenor. The notes, chords, and scales are identical on concert and tenor ukuleles. Learn how to find the best uke for your budget in my post on, For more on ukulele prices, check out my article on. It’s one of those Uke sizes that are preferred by beginners and casual players, mostly because they’re very portable, they’re lightweight, and the market’s full of them. Finding best ukulele for beginners can be overwhelming. Super tenor by kanile'a is a standard tenor neck combine with a kind of tenor body except that it has a bigger at the lower bout. (0 members and 1 guests). So here is the Earthtone Cedar and Koa Super Tenor Ukulele — the second instrument I have built so far, using this interesting wood. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. In most cases, the price difference is around 5% to 15%, although I’ve seen tenors that … I’m also putting wood rosettes on these instruments and pre-installing Mi-si pickups as well. Earthtone cedar and koa super tenor ukulele. In this section, I cover the differences between tenor and concert ukuleles. Regardless of what the Ukulele manufacturers say in the descriptions about the Ukulele Size Inches, there are majorly four basic sizes available today for Ukulele.But there are some manufacturers that put a new Ukulele off the existing inches or sizes, but the reality is that there are only four different Ukulele Sizes.This includes the Soprano, Concert, Baritone and Tenor. As for the sound, I think it's one if not the best ''production'' uke out there. #ukulele, Camphor burl backstrap--looks a bit like "the tree, New backstrap look--mappa wood burl @exotichardwoo, What a score--a lifetimes supply of curly, colorfu, Final look-- long neck concert with fun Koa @hearn. The only super tenor I know of is like misterpk said - Kanile'a makes a super tenor with a large body but standard neck. Tenor ukuleles have a higher string tension than concert ukes, which means that the strings will feel a little tighter on a tenor uke. This can change the color a bit around the periphery. In this article, I’m going to talk about the differences between concert and tenor ukuleles. A tenor ukulele is usually more expensive than an equivalent concert uke. While it’s good to have a basic understanding of what separates the two sizes, try not to worry that you’ll somehow end up with the “wrong” size. These super tenors will all come with some type of inlay like this small Paua Abalone Moon and Palm on the amazon rosewood finger board. The size of your ukulele is important, but so is finding a quality instrument.