Anyway, we will call 2019 the year of IT convergence and see what happens. Boring but true. Communications technology, also known as information technology, refers to all equipment and programs that are used to process and communicate information. So don’t throw that book on LTE away quite just yet. Every year Ericsson published a very nice mobility report and this year they are predicting that LTE subscribers will continue to grow through 2021 and that 5G will be frankly a bit of a blip until then. Even the issue of how we communicate professionally and under what rules is being called into question. Statements and opinions given in a work published by the IEEE or the IEEE Communications Society are the expressions of the author(s). In other cases, the early adopters end up owning technology that becomes obsolete without ever finding wide acceptance -- like LaserDiscs. © 2020 IEEE Communications Society. Beyond, vast horizons of idle bandwidth had long awaited designers brave enough to face the challenges that these millimeter-wave frequencies present: small antenna apertures, lack of diffraction around obstacles, atmospheric attenuation of rain and snow, device power consumption, cost, etc. Communication technology influences business and society by making the exchange of ideas and information more efficient. Federated Learning, you heard it here first. 4 New Communication Technologies to Improve Organizational Communication. New technology in business allows users to streamline what they want to see within the business communication apps and easily search for conversations. Individuals who enter this field … There is no doubt that most equipment in our networks today has passed through many countries and been worked on at some level by many engineers of many nationalities and constructed with components from all over the globe. But in the meantime the activity in ML will continue to rise in comms, and the CTN EB will certainly milk it for a few articles. As always we would like to add the caveat that we are just engineers and these are not stock tips. Now researchers are starting to explore the even higher frequency frontier that lies between 100 GHz and 1 THz, where the aforementioned challenges become even more taxing, but the promises also multiply: besides even broader swaths of free bandwidth, their tiny wavelength makes these frequencies suitable for high-resolution positioning and even crude imaging. We expect that coming into 2019 security and privacy will continue to become more and more important as more people become more aware, and perhaps paranoid, about how their data is being used. This form of communication is effective when dealing with many clients, partners and stakeholders. The CTN Editorial board, having just returned from the IEEE Communications Society New Year party week upon the IEEE luxury yacht in Monte Carlo (I know you always suspected this is how we spend your membership dollars) are now sufficiently recovered to put together our annual list of hot topics for the communications industry. Resurrecting this one from last year because we were right about it and it is not going away quite just yet. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the. If our customers need a change in this system there is the potential for some serious disruption and this will underlie all of the other hot topics we have mentioned so far. So we predict that 2019 will be a very interesting year for the IEEE which at its heart is an organization that tries to foster communication and cooperation among its members. To mix our metaphors we will stay away from the 3rd rail of passing any opinion on this complex and political topic. Communication Technology: Definition -- International organizations such as the United Nations consider information and communication technology (ICT) to include any tools used to create, store, transmit, or share information.