Basically, don’t dress like a Kardashian when entering churches, these are places of worship and therefore appropriate dress is required: What is considered appropriate when visiting Italian churches? You may ask why you need to know. .hide-if-no-js{display:none!important}. Italy travel tip #6: Don’t expect Italy to work like places do back home. Nice black jeans cut well are o.k. If you’re packing for Italy in September, you should never forget a nice dress. What to wear in Rome Italy? Not all churches enforce this dress code but it is best to err on the side of caution. Try this wine. Check out what the current "in" color is or wait until you get there and buy something to go with what you own. Churches tend to be cooler anyway.  =  By evening, your feet will probably hurt so much after seeing the attractions in Rome, that you will not want to wear a high heel anyway, so why waste the space in your suitcase. Eat & Drink like a Local in Venice: Cicchetti and Wine, 3 Misconceptions Of Solo Women Travelling To Italy | Select Italy® Blog, 6 Essential Italian Train Vocabulary Words: Advice from the Expert Himself | Select Italy BlogSelect Italy Blog | The Ultimate Source for Travel to Italy®, DOs and DON'Ts for Italian Summertime Style | Select Italy Blog, Thop TV (v43.0) APK Download for Android, PC & TV, 10 Quotes About Italy that Make it Even More Irresistible, 6 Amazing Destinations for Hiking in Italy, The “Hombre” Sport & Vintage Car Museum [VIDEO]. It’s common to wear the wedding ring on the left hand in the UK, Italy and Sweden, while it’s usually worn on the right hand in Germany, Greece, Spain, Poland, Norway and Austria. There is also some topless and nude bathing not far from the city if you are so inclined. Please reload CAPTCHA. …is not quite that of the American cereal, bananas, or steak and eggs. In Sept and April, it can rain for hours so take a good umbrella. You will see many men wearing nice leather shoulder bags and women carry the latest in fashion purses. It’s not the nicest of subjects, but a harsh reality of Italian life: the public restrooms are not often clean, and just as often not properly stocked. light jacket or sweater in evening as sometimes it can be cool even if it is warm in the day. Citizens of the Bel Paese actually believe it to be very unhealthy to have too much of a variance between the outdoor and indoor temperatures, and it is reflected in the temperature of the buildings. Young Romans have started to wear shorts in the summer but not usually short shorts. Also short or long sleeve shirts are fine, NO tank tops. Like any other place, it is totally up to you what to wear in Rome Italy. Stop by any bar – bars in Italy are named not for their alcohol but for their coffee – and get yourself a caffè and cornetto. 3 And if you want to look like a real Italian, stand at the bar while you order and eat, and don’t take too long to sip that caffè. Italians eat pizza differently than Americans. Or better yet a light cotton dress. All around the Spanish steps there is a high concentration of luxury designer clothing, probably more than anywhere in the world but it can be expensive. We in North America will never look as stylish as an Italian. If swimming in a public pool you will need a bathing cap. As a traveler to Rome, you will want to dress sensibly but nicely. The cobbles and the granite especially in some of the alleyways are very ruff. But if you don't want to look frumpy; it might be worth your while, to pay a little attention to what you pack in your suitcase. Violent crime against tourists is rare, but pickpocketing and petty theft are not. men also note: Khaki or black long pants and black or brown shoes are best especially for the better Rome restaurants or the opera. The pies are thin enough that each person orders one for themselves with the toppings of their choice – and if they do not want to eat it in its entirety, will usually leave the crust.  +  Women wear mostly dresses or skirts with heels or sandals. North Americans can be found all over Rome wearing what they feel is most comfortable to them. This article was originally published on August 15, 2009 from our former newsletter Espresso by the late Andrea Sertoli. In addition to what to wear in the summer and autumn, there are a few tips that can help you blend into the crowd. It is not really worth wasting your time to go to the malls though if you will only be there for a short vacation. A top or scarf will do. Italy is overall a very safe country, both for residents and travelers. Try it again. You will not stand out as much as a tourist and you can carry your camera water bottle and things that you will need. Sunglasses are a must! If you are going on to places like Pompeii then you’re hiking boots and shorts will definitely come in handy. Remember as the saying goes "when in Rome do as the Romans do". (Don’t know which bar to stop by for the perfect breakfast? Stylish travel packing advice for the carry-on traveler. The guards will enforce this rule. Calf length is better but definitely covers the knee. They wear nice jeans in cooler weather. You came to Italy because it’s a different country. It is very hot and humid in August and some shops and restaurants have no a/c Romans tend to leave the city on vacation. As I mentioned already, the weather will probably be still warm. Your email address will not be published. So, even if it’s sometimes different in ways that can be frustrating, embrace it! Do not wear sleeveless tops, shorts that do not cover the knees or show your bear midriff. Time limit is exhausted. For what to wear in Rome Italy start with your basic travel wardrobe.