See more ideas about Liquor, Packaging, Bottle design. ‘The back label has to feature all the mandatory information, and there are a lot of mandatories, particularly for EU countries, which usually limits the amount of information we can include on the product,’ adds John Glaser, founder and whisky maker, Compass Box. ‘First we looked at our existing customers and considered what would appeal to those who already know and love Benromach. Latest Glenmorangie Private Edition unveiled, Macallan distillery up for Stirling Prize, Whisky Show launches label design contest. In addition to being attractive, the packaging has a lot of work to do. Our team of designer worked on the concept of "Live With Chivalry" to mirror the creative directions and extract all creative assets we could find our way. Graphic Design, Packaging… Our team of designer worked on the concept of "Live With Chivalry" to mirror the creative directions and extract all creative assets we could find our way. ‘When a consumer starts to look at the pack you don’t want the message to be too obvious. Brand identity is paramount when launching a new whisky, whether it’s a limited edition bottling or a line extension of an existing range. A design that combines the traditional sport of Polo with Scotch Whiskey! . ‘This is done by showing people various photos, with the brand present in some and absent in others. As soon as a release has sold out fans begin asking: ‘What’s next, and when?’. More specialised styles of Scotch whisky inevitably have a story to tell. Chivas Regal • Blended Scotch Whisky Packaging. However, various other details also need to be accommodated within the available space. An air of exclusivity inspired the distinctive name and clean aesthetic. With a level of craftsmanship and detail rarely seen in contemporary illustration, but still retaining that modern edge, her work has found a home with packaging, book covers and editorial work alike. Milsean – Gaelic for ‘sweet things’ – is extra-matured in heavily toasted Portuguese red wine casks. Great whiskey packaging design is not the first thing you notice when buying a bottle of whiskey. Dieline is a global showcase of package design inspiration. All their beautiful bottles and cool labels are here. Chivas Regal 12  and 18 years old is undoubtedly an expression of unique tradition. The design by Egelnick and Webb for Chivas Regal is sophisticated with a traditional color combination that brings this package to life. There’s another way of gauging the success of packaging, and specifically whether a line-extension or limited edition combines a sense of individuality, while also being recognised as part of a familiar range. In addition to being attractive, the packaging has a lot of work to do. Whisky stones box design. All Rights Reserved. The programme I watch most on TV is News at Ten, and sometimes I wonder what would happen if nothing of any consequence had occurred during the day and the newscaster therefore had nothing to say. Zenith Premium Travel Kits / veronica cordero - created on 2014-01-26 17:51:43, Well we don't know what came first but what we certainly know is that if the packaging is not right there will be less people that will pick up the eggs from a. Published: October 23rd 2020. Phenomenology from Compass Box is an experience in itself. Whiskey has long been a popular drink for the rich and wealthy. The contents of a bottle are the reason for making a purchase, but how the bottle looks is also significant. It's also a 3D representation exercise while looking for the best possible use of colors, shadows and lights are represented here the bottle and…, Glenfiddich - Cask of Dreams Russian Cask, Age of Discovery Gift Set, Cask Collection, Select Cask, Reserve Cask, Vintage Cask, Charlotte Day | Illustration | Central Illustration Agency #illustration #packaging #packagingdesign #alcohol #labelillustration #branding #whiskey #handpainted #botanical #foodandrink. The £140m Speyside distillery has been shortlisted for the prestigious architecture award. Our engineering team explored the packaging materials we could potentially use such as Tin, gift box or paper cardboard. Our team of designer worked on the concept of "Live With Chivalry" to … Oct 4, 2016 - Explore George Nukuto's board "Whiskey/Liquor Packaging", followed by 214 people on Pinterest. The fine art of redesigning your product has to balance innovation with respect for heritage. San Francisco based Designer, Art Director and Creative Director. to help give you the best experience we can. Eye-catching design: Compass Box uses text to grab consumers’ attention. This is a useful check of how quickly people can recognise your brand, and whether there will be an issue spotting your packaging.’. Bohemia Whiskey - Packaging Design Bohemia is about a spirit within a spirit. With only a specified number of bottles released, there is an ultimate sense of exclusivity. Charlotte Day has cultivated her deep-rooted fascination for all things horticultural into a career creating beautiful botanical illustrations. If you wanted a malt from a particular distillery, the range might begin with the 12-year-old and culminate in the 21-year-old, with not much in between. Packaging design industry news, sustainable packaging, package design trends, packaging conferences, package design events, and package design awards. These grains consist of barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and corn - usually kept in wooden casks, made generally of charred white oak.