Epifanes Poly-urethane mixed to your colour choice. Brickwork. Available in over 200 RAL K5 Classic codes and most Awlgrip G/H Line colour card references in full gloss or satin. To protect any paints, especially for Bodywork Touch Up, Our 2k Epoxy Primer is specifically formulated to guarantee the best adhesion on every surface and material, such as aluminum, galvanized steel, iron and light alloys, The comments of those who bought this product but in a different color. Epifanes Polyurethane Thinner for Spray helps the surface flash faster thereby reducing the risk of sags and runs. Car Paint, RAL Spray Paint, Phosphorescent Paint and Reflector - Delivery 48H in almost all of Europe, 2k polyurethane Paint matt RAL colours in spray, 2k polyurethane Paint gloss RAL colours in spray, 2k Polyurethane Paint matt RAL colours in can, 2k Polyurethane Paint gloss RAL colours in can. Plasti-kote 3100SE 400ml Super Matt Spray Paint - White. APPLICATION: Thoroughly clean the surface (better with antisilicone cleaner) before painting (sand slightly if you paint on old paint). Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as the white polyurethane finish is moisture-resistant and leaves no visible joins; Maintenance-free white finish makes polyurethane the perfect choice for out-of-reach situations; Centre pivot opening is ideal where the window is in a low roof position, or where ceilings are low, to allow better views All Rights Reserved. This site uses cookies, only to keep track of visits and for technical functionality, no personal data will be saved. Flashing required separately, Prepare walls and ceilings for decorating, £740 Ideal Boiler + XAdey Filter + Ideal Flu Kit, 2 for £28 Mapeker Grey Tile Adhesive 20kg. 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,968. Metal. PREPARATION: Use the measuring pot included in the package to mix paint and hardener in the indicated proportions. The line NextRal includes all our 2k polyurethane paints that you can find as 2k paint in can or as 2k spraycan to be activated at the moment of use. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as the white polyurethane finish is moisture-resistant and leaves no visible joins, Maintenance-free white finish makes polyurethane the perfect choice for out-of-reach situations, Centre pivot opening is ideal where the window is in a low roof position, or where ceilings are low, to allow better views, Top control bar for easy opening and closing, even with furniture under the window, Brushed aluminium ventilation flap makes it easy to let fresh air into the room even when the window is fully closed, Laminated safety glazing as standard which prevents glass falling in case of breakage, Rotates 180 deg for safe and easy cleaning of the outside glass pane, Suitable for roof pitches 15-90 deg. Please select a Dimensions from range below, VELUX White Polyurethane Centre Pivot Roof Window. Replacement Curing Agent 250g for Epifanes Polyurethane gloss. Features. Enamel traditionally refers to oil-based paint which dries very hard and will not rewet. Available in the full range of RAL, NCS and BS4800 colours upon request (5 litre only), and the standard colours listed below. Price: £15.28 (£18.34 Including VAT at 20%). We'll notify you as soon as ${product.name} becomes available again. Gloss or Matt. Yield: 10-12 sqm/Kg. Call: 0800 3890 750. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. The application of a protective clear coat is not necessary but if you want to apply it, please wait 1-2 hours (20°C). Ideal for most surfaces including wood, concrete, cement, metal and brickwork. We are processing and shipping online orders as fast as possible. and 4:1 (Durepox, Epoxy resins), plus graduations for adding thinner/reducer percentages. Chemically speaking, “urethane” paint is a misnomer, as any of the paints so labeled are really polyurethane paints. © 2013 - 2020 Boatpaint Ltd. Moreover, it ensures good colors with no yellowing. Brushing thinner for Epifanes polyurethane paints and varnishes. Specially formulated to resist oil and grease. For spray application, dilute the mixture with polyurethane thinner (you can use our POLI60, not included in the package). Epifanes Poly-urethane mixed to your colour choice. Price: £115.00 (£138.00 Including VAT at 20%), Price: £55.00 (£66.00 Including VAT at 20%). Concrete. Catalysis ratio:100 ml of PAINT + 33 ml of HARDENER For spray application: Dilution 20-30% with polyurethane thinner (not included). For more information about drying times and catalysis see below Technical Details. Protects and transforms floors with an attractive, hard wearing finish. Another way of looking at it is to say that these paints do not contain the chemical urethane but rather urethane linkages − formed by the reaction of polyols and polyisocyanates. Get it Tomorrow, Nov 25. Polyurethane Floor Paint. High gloss, two component finish based on polyester resin, isocyanate and light fast pigments. Please check for any delivery restrictions before you place your order. Crystal clear, solvent resistant and graduated in ml (50-550) with marked levels for two pack product mixing ratios 2:1 (Perfection) 3:1 (Perfection Undercoat etc.) Polyurethane Floor Paint & Sealers. NextRal is marked with "QUALITY EXTRA" brand, identifying all the paints produced and tested by VerniciSpray for the best performance.The package includes: Technical Details and Useful suggests: Drying time (20°C,60% RH): dry dust free 10 min, dry to the touch 25 min, dry in depth 16-24 h. REMOVAL WITH ACETONE AND/OR NITRO THINNER (before complete drying). Kit 5 water abrasive sheets in grain size: P400-P500-P600-P800-P1000, The necessary cleaner to prepare surfaces for painting: removes all the traces of silicone that are often on the bodywork, Polyurethane solvent specifically formulated for dilution of 2K lacquers, for polyurethane paints and paints in metallic colours, Spray Gun for spray painting without compressor, ready to use- with handle, Bodywork 2k Lacquer in pot to spray or to be used with brush. Epifanes Polyurethane White 800 3Kg. Password. Buy this matt Pure white polyurethane paint if you are looking for a 2k paint to apply by brush or with a gun (included our Preval Spray Gun). email:sales@boatpaint.co.uk Boatpaint Ltd2 Beaucroft Road,Waltham Chase,SOUTHAMPTON,SO32 2LZ. Always catalyze only the quantity of product necessary at the moment: once activated the catalysis, the paint must be used within about 2 hours (at 20°C). £12.00 £ 12. Amazon's Choice for "white paint matt finish for wood" Rust-Oleum AMZ0012 A Classic, Smooth Touch Flat matt Paint Finish, Antique White, 750ml.