New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I tend to aim for a 2x2 of workshops instead of labs. A line of 3 facilities provides the adjacency bonus twice, a block of 2x2 facilities provides the adjacency bonus 4 times, and a block of 3x2 facilities provides the adjacency bonus 7 times. This means that the entire top left quarter can be reserved for satellite support, while leaving room for a 2x2 Elerium Generator block. In the base game I always left myself a lot oft time for that. You want a 2x3 block for 3 uplinks and 3 nexus, 2x2 block for 2 worshops, foundry and cyberlabs and 2x2 block for 2 labs, psilab and genelab. I See it does not take steam generators into account; is it because of random locations or are they not worth it? Then simply tear down the Fission Generator and replace it with an Elerium Generator when you're ready to build the Gollop Chamber. I tossed on an additional fission gen below that (3 gens in a row, with thermo in middle) which enabled the foundry, a workshop, and a second lab. Note that this does not include credits, so it is not quite "buy two get one free.". 8 total satellite slots gave me a lot to work with, and I stayed with this setup through July/August. You want a 2x3 block for 3 uplinks and 3 nexus, 2x2 block for 2 worshops, foundry and cyberlabs and 2x2 block for 2 labs, psilab and genelab. The static facilities supply a total of 30 power and require a total of 12 power, effectively supplying 18 power to the constructible facilities. Obviously it depends also on where your steam ends up to be, but some tips would be appreciated. Excavating a section on the top level costs 10 Credits. This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 16:29. My base has gone through a couple of phases, and I'm only just now reaching "base endgame" as I'm calling it. Alternatively, you can keep one Thermo Generator (25 power), and connect to it 3 more Elerium Generators (105 power) to get at least 3 adjacency bonuses (9 power). 1 or 2 labs is helpful in the early game, but eventually you end up with so many scientists that research speed doesn't matter that much. Facilities can only be constructed on sections with an open space. This will provide more than enough power to allow me to fit in the gollop chamber either in the space filled by my original lab or the last (still un-excavated) corner of the base. Players should keep in mind that they also need to reserve space for the Officer Training School, the Alien Containment, the Hyperwave Relay and the Gollop Chamber. Xenobiology > Weapons > Beam > Advanced Beam > Materials > Improved Armor > Advanced Armor > Xenoneurology. The Alien Base Assault is an essential mission in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Players can build an Access Lift on a lower level to gain access to that level. Excavating a section on the third level costs 40 Credits. You cannot build any new facilities if that would cause the total amount of power required for all your facilities to exceed the total amount of power supplied. Eventually you'll want a 2x2, possibly a 2x3. It can be beneficial to restart the campaign until both steam vents are close to each other in the same quarter of the base, but keep in mind that Elerium Generators supply more power than Thermo Generators and do not have placement requirements, so steam vents can be ignored in the long run. Alternatively, one could build the satellite hub as two facilities across, and three down, allowing non-adjacency facilities (such as the officer training school and alien containment) to be built vertically down the leftmost edge, which can be an attractive use of upper-space, if those facilities are a priority. The last step will be to build an elerium generator in the available space. The XCOM Headquarters, often referred to as the "Ant Farm", due to it's side view, is separated in two sections. Excavations cannot be performed quickly, and do not have any maintenance once completed: There are a total of 24 sections available for facilities, not counting the Access Lifts. 3 uplinks and 2 nexus in this structure will allow me to cover NA, SA, Africa, and my 3/4 of Asia while still allowing one free satellite to raid alien bases in Europe. From my experience 1 lab is fine for a long time, if you manage to capture aliens for the research credit. A second thermo gen allowed me to dig to level 4 and begin filling out the rest of the base. Each of these additional facilities requires maintenance, which costs a fixed amount of Credits each month, as well as a continuous Power requirement. For example, players may want to construct the following list of facilities: These facilities together take up 20 sections, leaving 4 for Power generators, and require a total of 169 power. Thermo Generators can only be built in these 2 sections, though you can also build any other facility in these sections, with the exception of the Access Lift. These buildings have no adjacency type, and thus can be built in any quarter where players are not planning to use all 6 sections for the adjacency type. This is quite detailed, very nice., The Mission Control Room is the focus of XCOM engagement, featuring a rotating hologram of Earth, referred to by Bradford as a. This increases the Credits, Alien Alloys and Elerium costs by 50% and adds 10 Meld to the cost, but halves the construction time. The top half of the base contains several crucial facilities that are automatically available at the start of the game, and remain static throughout the game. If there is a steam in the way youll need 5 uplinks and 2 nexus. As I'm far from being a coder myself, I am sure I didn't choose the best solution. For people who only play Ironman (no reloading of saves) I definitely recommend Beginner difficulty. I added a third lab, psy lab, a satellite nexus, another workshop, and my cybernetic lab. Excellent, this is quite useful! Although this means you have to spread your soldiers out to cover both points, so do the aliens.